Leheny Gibson Wines

Bilancia Reserve Pinot Gris 2013 Hawke's Bay
A bouquet filled with texture as well as the aromas of Gris with lightly spiced tree fruits of pear and pear skin, apple and quince, a light toasty/leesy note shows off the shape of the attack. On the palate - dry, firm, warm and fruity - a lush and ripe wine with flavours of spiced pear and apple with a lemon rind note; medium acidity, light creamy texture, balanced and well made with a longer finish.
90 Points

Bilancia Chardonnay 2014 Hawke's Bay
Very attractive bouquet a pure fruit and oak expression with distinctive ripe, fresh and baked stone fruit aromas with a nutty roasted cashew layer and a hint of butterscotch. On the palate - dry, firm, rich, bold, youthful and expressive; a wine still in development yet showing its potential with a grapefruit and peach fruit core, plenty of oak with spice and woody/nutty combination; medium+ acidity, plenty of bite and finish, balanced and well made with a long finish.
92 Points

Bilancia la collina Viognier 2014 Hawke's Bay
Very expressive bouquet with ripe stone fruits of apricot and peach - fresh and baked, pure; wild honey and wild yellow flowers, some punchy oak spice moments. On the palate - dry, loads of texture and packed with pure fruit flavours; apricots and peaches, red apple and citrus note, a hint of bacon; medium/medium+ acidity, some fine older oak moments and a long expressive finish. A wine that must be experienced.
93 Points

Bilancia Syrah 2013 Hawke's Bay
Ripe, dense, fruity and oaky;  dark red berry fruit aromas with baked raspberry and black currants, plenty of toasty oak spice and woody vanilla moments, some peppery layers and harmonious expression overall. On the palate - dry, firm, youthful and varietal - packed with the flavours of dark berries - roasted raspberry and black currants, peppery moments and noticeable oak. Medium+ acidity and tannins - firm and youthful textures; very lengthy finish.
94 Points

Bilancia la collina Syrah 2010 Hawke's Bay
Powerful bouquet of wine midway through a integration phase; toasty, peppery, oaky and loaded with berry fruit aromas; complex and engaging. On the palate - dry, plentiful firm ripe tannins, medium++ acidity, new oak beginning to melt into the red and dark red fruits core, pepper grinds come and go; some coffee and bitter chocolate flavours with a hint of black olive - in other words a very complex wine; long finish.
95 Points

Bilancia la collina Syrah 2013 Hawke's Bay
Youthful, pure, ripe and intense bouquet of dark red berry fruits - raspberry, dark currants and blue fruit moments, five spice and pepper; plenty of new oak with some older seams noted, very complex. On the palate - toasty, dark cocoa and ripe dark berry fruit flavours, abundant tannins with chalk and dry stone textures, medium++ acidity, complex long finish. A fabulous wine that will age and charm for the next 5 - 10+ years.
97 Points