Ara Single Estae

Ara Single Estate Pinot Noir 2013 Marlborough
Ripe light red fruits bouquet with a gentle white smoke layer, dry stoner mineral note and moderate use of oak scents.On the palate - dry, fresh, crisp, firm and fruity with cherry and cranberry fruit flavors, medium+ acidity, medium fine tannins and moderate oak texture and flavor. Light+ -bodied with a balanced finish.
3 Stars

Ara Select Block Limited Release K54 Pinot Noir 2012 Marlborough
Bold and broody with lots of red fruit aromas heavily laced with the scents of new French barrel - brown spices and smoky oak tones. On the palate - dry, fruity and woody with lots of flavor action on the palate, texture too with fine to medium tannins,vanilla and brown spice flavors and a return of a light smokey oak layer. Balanced and well made in a youthful and oak centred expression.
3.5 Stars

Ara Select Block Limited Release M62 Pinot Noir 2012 Marlborough
Bold and quite broody with plenty of red fruits in the aromas gentled laced with a light floral note adding some charm and complexity to the bouquet; while the oak is quite noticeable it is well in harmony with the rest of the bouquet components. On the palate - dry and fruity with plenty of Marlborough red cherry and plum flavors, a dry stone mineral layer and a touch of cherry blossom; fine to medium tannins, sweet oak; medium+ acidity and a longish finish; well made.
4.5 Stars