Urlar Select Parcels Sauvignon Blanc 2013 Gladstone 14%
Quite a complex and concentrated bouquet with aromas of roasted tropical fruits and oak spices melded together; peach, red apple, sweet citrus and white flowers, there's a honey note then obvious barrel led spice - all adds up to complexity. On the palate - dry, richly flavored, generous of fruit and oak combinations; medium++ acidity and floral notes; quite a serious wine that has generosity, subtlty and a sense of place. Really well made with a medium+ length and finish.
4.5 Stars

Urlar Select Parcels Pinot Noir 2013 Gladstone 14%
The bouquet contains significant depth and complexity with aromas of soil, mineral, fruit and complexities derived from what I only imagine are vine age and wine making; light and dark red cherry fruits, aged strawberry and red apple skin suggestions, silty soil notes and lots of oak. On the palate - dry, complex and youthful; this wine needs time in glass as it has a lots of tense as well as poised elements from the acidity (med++) tannins (high) which carry flavor & are derived from the oak and fruit; and alcohol which seems to stand out for the moment; the finish is complex and long. This is an investment wine, a must decant wine and a cellar wine for serious drinkers. Note too that the soil/mineral suggestion has an herbal element that needs to be considered if drinking this wine when young (think Nuits St George).
5 Stars