Old Coach Road

Old Coach Road Pinot Gris 2014 Nelson 12%
A Wine by Seifried
A distinctive varietal bouquet of Pinot Gris with crisp red apple and white fleshed stone fruit in particular nectarine - youthful, fruity and inviting
On the palate - just dry with a core of fruit centering on apples and pears with white stone fruit and blossom highlights; medium+ acidity and a balanced medium finish. As always a well made wine from the Seifried stable.
3 Stars

Old Coach Road Sauvignon Blanc 2014 Nelson Lighter Alcohol 9%
A Wine by Seifried
Grassy, herbaceous and pungent aromatics - classic New World and NZ SB bouquet - crisp apple and citrus fruits with tropical suggestions of paw paw and melon.
On the palate - very crisp with powerful almost electric acidity highlighting the lemon and grapefruit flavors then green apple; grassy and vegetal'; the lower alcohol is noticeable in favor of the crispness fruit signature.
Well made

Old Coach Road Pinot Noir 2012 Nelson 13.5%
Fragrances of old cherry and Autumn leaves with strawberry jam and old wood notes. On the palate - a dry wine, light bodied with medium acidity and tannins to match; maturing with a light herbal note; A wine to enjoy with light-bodied foods such as angel-hair pasta with tomato, clams, kale and fresh herbs.