Nautilus Estate

Nautilus Chardonnay Marlborough 2013 13.5%
A deliciously youthful bouquet of citrus and stone-fruit suggestions laced with a mix of new oak and its many offerings; some older oak also makes a statement with a layer of complexity - it is however a robustly youthful aroma overall. On the palate - dry, charming, youthful and nervous; the oak still stands out and is competing with the fruits and overall character for attention. I can however see through this into 12 months from now where this wine will demonstrate its star quality and potential; medium+ acidity and oak, the creamy textures will only round out and the oak soften just enough to become a very smart wine indeed. A lengthy finish which at present is a tad warm from the alcohol and youth, but easily overcome with the right glass, cuisine and company.
5 Stars - delicious!