Grover Zampa 'Art Collection' Sauvignon Blanc 2013 13.5%
Varietal with an herbaceous lift - varietal with a grassy and zesty bouquet laced with lemon skin and other citrus fruits; apple and tropical notes. On the palate a crisp wine with an immediate herbaceous quality followed by some citrus flavors; this transitions into a another spectrum that I suspect is linked to the yeasts of the region and even some terroir elements - a quinine and lemon zest combination - that I associate with tonic water (and gin).
Overall a sound, light bodied and dry finishing wine.

Grover Zampa 'Art Collection' Cabernet Shiraz 2013 14%
A very fruity bouquet packed with aromas of dark red fruits and black currant; the sweet fruit lift often associated with a wine from South Australia is obvious to me - a little jammy. A mild wood element adds a hint of complexity. On the palate - dry with flavors of reds fruits - mostly currant and plum based, medium acidity and mild tannins - a very approachable wine - now - perhaps not for the cellar. Overall a sound wine with medium length and a mild finish.

Grover Zampa 'Grover Vineyards La Reserve Nandi Hills 2011 Cabernet Shiraz 14%
The Shiraz component drives the bouquet with a peppery dark fruits laden beginning; the oak is noticeable yet well placed; the Cabernet follows with blackberry fruits and a light herbaceous quality. On the palate - dry with sweet and lush fruits laced with oak and a quinine like layer - adding a touch of complexity and charm - certainly a point of difference. Like the Art Collection Shiraz Cabernet there is a warm climate Australian feel about the wine; medium+ tannins - smooth yet integrating still, medium acidity and finish. A well made wine with potential.
3 Stars