Rockburn Central Otago Sauvignon Blanc 2012 13%
It is not often that a Sauvignon Blanc from the soils Central Otago comes to the attention of writers and reviewers such as myself - so when one does - I take a keen interest in what story the wine has to tell. There's no doubt the the aroma and flavor profile of CO SB is different from their neighbor up the hill in Blenheim, but it should still show its varietal roots and key expression:

Soil and climate laden bouquet with schist and cold stone qualities; a light herbal quality precedes the fruit aromas of green melon skin and peach, then spicy pear and a little red apple; the spice aromas also reflect a little natural ferment and oak: On the palate - the use of some oak is evident, but does not interfere with the core fruit signature and soil flavors )(this is not an oaky wine) - if anything the complexity is enhanced by the use of oak; Balanced with medium+ length and complexity, a dry finish and very rewarding SB experience.
5 Stars