Cameron Douglas, MS

Video Archive

The below videos are examples of Cameron Douglas as a speaker, educator and wine personality.


New zealand - Pinot NZ 17

How do you keep an audience of 500+ winemakers, special guests and wine media entertained?  Watch.

A Seat at the table - DOCUMENTARY

Taking a key role of an upcoming documentary on New Zealand wine finding it's place on the world stage.

Wine tasting with gear patrol

When featured recently in an article on Gear Patrol they recorded a brief tastsing of some textbook New Zealand wines.

Forgae - North canterbury

Invited to join 'Forage' North Canterbury and match the beautiful haul with stunning local wine. 

Air New Zealand's Fine Wines of New Zealand

New Zealand produces a range of world-class wines, renowned for their purity, vibrancy and unique characteristics. Fine Wines of New Zealand aims to celebrate and showcase the very best of these wines.

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