Blank Canvas

Blank Canvas Escaroth Pinot Noir 2017 Marlborough

Delicate, perfumed, floral and varietal. Aromas of light fruits of cherry and strawberry, a touch of plum, red apple skin and a quiet detailed savoury core. Complex and complete on the palate with flavours that reflect the nose. A quiet understated layer of oak soaks up the fruit easily allowing the subtle messages of Pinot Noir to survive and shine. Fine tannins, balanced acidity, a long and detailed finish. Please - give this wine time to speak to you - don’t disrupt it with food of any kind. Drink now and through 2025. 96 Points

Blank Canvas Upton Downs Pinot Noir 2017 Marlborough

A bouquet of complexity, charm and curiosity. Aromas suggest a mix of light red fruits from pitted cherries of all colours to apple skin and ripe summer strawberries. The oak signature is clear with delicate baking spices. A savoury line runs through the fruit seamlessly. The palate reveal some familiar pinosity with light red fruit flavours and chalky tannins, plenty of acidity with contrasting oak and fruit sweetness. Well made, still youthful with best drinking from today with food or from late 2021 through 2026.

95 Points

Cameron Douglas